accessibility & content warnings

accessibility in holovista

We want HoloVista to be accessible to as many people as possible, so we want to let you know in advance the kind of things you might expect to encounter when you play. We've done our best to improve accessibility where we can, but we recognise we haven't covered everything.

We hope the below information will help you make an informed decision so about whether our game is for you. If you have any further enquiries that aren’t covered here, please contact us at

accessibility features & considerations

  • HoloVista is a one input experience, with no complex controls
  • HoloVista contains no haptic feedback
  • HoloVista uses an interactive tutorial for game play experience
  • HoloVista has no time limits or time-gated interactions
  • HoloVista contains no quick time events, button mashing, or long-term holding a finger down
  • The game is easy-start, with minimal menu interaction to begin HoloVista
  • Most text progression in HoloVista can be controlled by the player
  • All narrative can be replayed, re-read, and re-visited at any time, excluding a small final portion of the game
  • All gameplay scenes can be replayed and reviewed at any time, excluding a small final portion of the game
  • When the game is completed, all scenes can be reviewed and replayed
  • No information essential to gameplay in HoloVista is conveyed only by sound
  • No information essential to gameplay in HoloVista is conveyed only by color
  • Movement in the game can be done with either, or a combination of, dragging, swiping, and physically moving the play device around
  • Motion input can be turned off, so you can play laying down, sitting, walking, or on transit
  • You are not required to pinch to zoom in order to capture photos for progression
  • Music can be lowered or turned off
  • Sound can be lowered or turned off
  • Most key text such as chat dialogue, feed posts and more in HoloVista can be sized up
  • Contrast of text in HoloVista can be increased slightly in the settings menu
  • HoloVista uses a combination of Serif and Sans-Serif fonts to communicate key information for player progression
  • Visual Effects such as strobing, glitching can be reduced in the settings menu via toggle

visual examples

content warning

HoloVista is a game that explores a number of themes and feelings.

The exploration of these themes was done with the support of lived experience as well as consultation where appropriate on a number of issues.

Below you can find a list of themes and content encountered in the game - whether mild or frequent, visual or referenced.


  • Mental Health
  • Religion
  • Death
  • Alcohol & Drug References
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Self-Loathing
  • Psychosis
  • Dealing With Misogyny
  • Minor Ableist Language
  • Swearing
  • visual warnings

    There are some visual effects in portions of the game. These include flickering, strobing, glitching. There are also visuals such as animal skulls.

    Visual effects can be reduced in the settings menu at any stage, which will turn off a majority of the visual effects that could cause issues for a user. Here is an example of how this effect operates. This will not turn off visuals such as skulls, or other potential triggers, and is not a solve for all potential sensory or cognitive needs.

    gameplay spoiler warnings

    The following information will spoil elements of the games narrative, or is more detailed information that may be relevant to you if you have intense or recent triggers.

    Click to reveal these spoilers.