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To be remade we must first come apart

HoloVista is a story-driven puzzle game in which you explore a dreamlike mansion, photograph mysterious objects, confront your deepest secrets, and confess them online. In the game's near-future social media world, you’re Carmen - a young artist photographing the inside of an opulent building on orders from a mysterious architecture firm. But beware: the house is getting to know you too, better than you know yourself. Explore lush environments with your phone's camera in 360° as you search for hidden objects, solve puzzles, and get to know the characters within Carmen’s world in HoloVista.

A game by Aconite

Aconite is a mixed reality storytelling platform. We believe that the future of storytelling is deeply immersive, and that people need more magic in their everyday lives. We're excited by the potential of emerging technology to help us tell stories that sit at the border of reality and fiction.

The Aconite Team

Star St.Germain & Nadya Lev


Whitney "Strix" Beltrán

Narrative Designer

Jay Treat

Game Designer and Lead Engineer

Scott Jon Siegel

Lead Game Designer

Meredith Hall

Communications Director

Andi Hegedus

Community Manager & Marketer

Blake Kathryn

Lead Environment Artist

Andrew Morgan

Environment Artist